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With my backyard composter out of order temporarily I have come to realize just how much organic waste is being diverted from my regular household garbage.

I have always used my green bin for dryer lint, paper coffee cups, meat and bones, and whatever else could attract animals to my backyard, but everything else goes in the compost pile.

With the composter being in a state of redesign (or should I say under a pile of dirt next to a big hole that will be a new septic system), I have been using my green bin to dispose of all my organic waste. So my large green bin will be brimming when it goes to the curb and I can clearly measure exactly how much is not going into the garbage bin.

Studies show that 65 per cent of Simcoe County residents use their green bin, but that 40 per cent of the materials being placed in the garbage should be going in the green bin instead. You may be surprised to learn that wax paper, tissues, paper towels, napkins, and all paper materials used for food such as paper plates or used pizza boxes, plants, and small wooden items contaminated with food, such as bamboo skewers and stir sticks, should be going in the green bin also.

Keeping organics out of garbage reduces harmful greenhouse gas production in landfills. The organics are made into compost and fertilizer and keeping them out of the landfill helps protect our groundwater resources.

There are no plans to open any new landfill sites so there is a big push towards waste diversion. There are however plans to expand the green bin program with the future organics processing facility that is in the planning stages. Hopefully in the future we will also be able to divert kitty litter and other compostables out of the landfill.

I am a believer in carefully sorting waste at home in order to make the process more efficient at the other end.

In order to promote green bin usage and raise awareness about what goes in which bin, the County of Simcoe is holding a #GreenBintoWin contest running until August 21: The social media contest offers green bin “feeders” a chance to win prize packs and a grand prize consisting of a weekend for two adults and two children at Fern Resort in Orillia. Simply take a photo showing “How You Feed Your Green Bin”. Post it using the hashtag #GreenBintoWin, follow and tag @SimcoeCounty on Twitter and/or @CountyofSimcoe on Facebook.

For full contest rules, information and eligibility requirements please visit: www.simcoe.ca/greenbintowin.

Visit www.simcoe.ca/greenbin to learn more about the green bin program. There you’ll find an excellent tool to direct people exactly what goes where.

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