Firefighter receives citation for saving teen

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Singhampton resident Rob Leblond was recognized by Owen Sound Police for saving the life of a teenager who was involved in a serious crash last year. 

Leblond, a Miller’s Dairy employee, was on a delivery in Owen Sound last year when he came across a collision involving a car and a five-ton truck. He said there were three people in the car; the person in the passenger seat had no vital signs and the driver was in shock, and very confused. 

Const. Craig Peddle of Owen Sound Police Service said a vehicles, occupied by three high school students, struck the delivery truck at a high rate of speed, demolishing the students’ vehicle. The two front seat occupants suffered life threatening injuries. Leblond immediately went to the demolished vehicle to lend aid to the occupants. Ken Quinlan, the driver of the delivery truck also went to aid the occupants. A rear seat passenger was assisted from the wreck by both men.

A 25-year veteran of the Clearview Township fire department, Leblond assisted the injured until emergency crews arrived. 

With assistance from Quinlan, first aid was administered – Leblond monitored vitals and did chest compressions. 

“Then we did a c-spine, we straightened his head, and then he took a big breath and came back to us,” said Leblond, who was reluctant to discuss the event, not wanting any more media attention. 

“It is my belief that the decisive actions of both Rob Leblon and Ken Quinlan saved the life of the victim,” said Peddle.

Both men were among those honoured at a police week ceremony May 17 when they were presented the Owen Sound Police Chief’s Citation for the selfless act of assistance in life saving intervention to someone in need. 

“You are always on duty. It doesn’t matter if you are at the mall or anywhere. You are there to help. That is what we are here for,” Leblond told the Owen Sound Sun Times… “It is a great feeling knowing that the two boys are up and around and better. It really feels nice to be recognized for your efforts.”

He credits the outstanding training he has received with the fire department for his ability to respond.

Contributed photo: Singhampton resident Rob Leblond (centre) receives a citation from Owen Sound Police Chief Bill Somberger at a ceremony May 17, along with Ken Quinlan.

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