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Dear Constituents of Collingwood and Clearview:

This past May my resignation as your Education Trustee was made public.

I continue to receive inquiries concerning the rationale behind this announcement as the news did not align with my character or commitment to public education.

The circumstances behind the resignation announcement were not personal as previously stated.

Last October 2016 I was contacted and asked to bring forward a matter to the Trustees for consideration; a question which I believed warranted the table’s attention. I brought this inquiry forward openly and transparently. A brief discussion was held that evening and then for the next six months  business appeared to proceed as usual without any apparent concern regarding the matter that I had previously brought to the table. It should be noted that the subject matter was not in any way related to any recent or past issues at our local schools.

Unfortunately, in May of 2017, this prior act of receiving and bringing a question forward, resulted in my sudden and unexpected need to resign.

What I would like you to take away from this brief letter is that it was my full intention to complete my term and continue to advocate for the students and parents of Collingwood and Clearview. I was honoured to have the position, enjoyed it fully, and took the responsibility very seriously. Sadly the circumstances were beyond my control. The turn of events were  unfortunate and very disheartening for my entire family.

Thank you for your kind support.

Annie Chandler,


Editor’s note: Annie Chandler said she could not elaborate on the circumstances of her resignation and that the letter was vetted by her lawyer.

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