Forward thinking traffic measures needed

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I read with interest the most recent issue of the township’s newsletter, The Clear View, edition 5.

As it relates to the front page, “Speeding Concerns”, I commend the mayor and deputy mayor in their efforts to get the new bylaws passed to improve our traffic safety but certainly do question the validity of the traffic study summaries presumably prepared by Clearview public works staff.

There are obvious flaws in that study:

Mary Street, 10,000 vehicles in 2.5 weeks?

Measuring traffic speeds in winter conditions as were recorded in February/March 2017?

If these numbers are correct this data indicates that over 2,500 vehicles were over the speed limit on a street where senior citizens are trying to cross the road and where there are no sidewalks.

At the end of the day, the 110 residents/taxpayers who signed the petition simply want the peaceful enjoyment of their homes and the streets of Creemore – safety for seniors, their families and pets.

While the mayor and deputy get it, it’s now time for the chief administrative officer and general manager of transportation to become more forward thinking in developing measures as are being implemented in so many local municipalities.

As a footnote, the implementation of measures as instructed by council still has not been completed to date.

Jeremy Ray,


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