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I am writing regarding the habitat destruction that reportedly occurred at the Roxodus event. As reported in the July 5th edition of The Creemore Echo, “about 18 hectares of woodland was cleared, and as much as 10 hectares of wetland has been cleared, filled and/or drained without proper permits.”
It is time that our various levels of government and those agencies entrusted to protect the environment start taking environmental issues seriously. Wetlands are some of the most important and productive ecosystems on the planet. They are also some of the most fragile and least respected. As much as 80% (more in some areas) of Southern Ontario’s presettlement wetlands have already been destroyed resulting in a loss of biodiversity, poor water quality and increased flooding. According to the conservation organization Ontario Nature, 75% of reptiles and 35% of amphibians in Ontario are nationally or provincially at risk. Eight species of turtles in Ontario are at-risk species. How many turtles were killed and/or displaced by the destruction of the wetlands in Edenvale?
And anyone who thinks we have enough trees and that the destruction of the woodland is no big deal is ignorant about the health of the planet. According to a recent study, planting trees – and up to a trillion trees or more is mentioned – may be the most effective way to combat global warming.

N. Glenn Perrett,


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