Good riddance TD Bank

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To heck with the TD Bank. I have been banking with them for years and they have made a number of mistakes and mishandlings and always treated me like they were doing me favours and smiling all the while. They tapped me with high fees, low interest rates on deposits and investments, but high interest rates on loans. Let them go and let’s get a credit union in the village. I had banked with the Innisfil Farmers Credit Union before I moved to Creemore and they wanted my business and it showed.

Now to important matters: how can you call the crossword in The Echo “Canadian Criss Cross” when there are questions like “City on the Severn River” and the answer is not Swift Current or Port Stanton? Gloucester is not in Canada. It’s in bloody England. There happens to be a Gloucester Pool in the Severn River system but I am pretty sure you didn’t mean that. I bit my tongue a month ago when you stooped to using numbers for one direction and then interpreting them as letters for the cross word (remember decimal number for 5?), but this is too much. It has clearly been a misnomer to call this crossword the “Canadian Criss Cross”. I also couldn’t find a Province named Benin in Canada so I have no idea what its largest city might be. Please tighten up your game or call this the ADD Criss Cross or perhaps the Global Criss Cross. 1. Across: five letters meaning At the limit of tolerance?

Murray Lackie,


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