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In partnership with PRC Solutions, Clearview Township has launched a telephone survey and online survey to gain input from residents, community organizations and user groups related to the development of the new Recreation, Culture and Parks Master Plan.

Public input is important as the township develops a Master Plan that will guide future decision making of parks, recreation and culture services over the next 10 years.

On behalf of the Township, the telephone survey will be conducted by Oraclepoll between July 23 and August 24. If contacted, residents are encouraged to participate and provide input regarding the use of Clearview Township parks, recreation and culture facilities, programs and services. Completed surveys from 200 residents will be obtained.

The survey is online version of the survey, please visit www.clearview.ca/parks-and-recreation-master-plan 

A public meeting has been scheduled for August 13 to provide council and the public with an update, to engage all interested parties within the master plan process and to provide an opportunity for further public input. Details regarding the meeting will be posted on the township website when available.

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