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We are pleased to present The Creemore Echo’s third annual Home and Garden edition, which is hitting the streets just in time for the long weekend and the official kick-off to summer.

In this edition, we are meeting people who are doing some interesting things on the homefront, producing high quality products on their own land, combining homesteading and entrepreneurship.

Their efforts feed the local market, infuse the local economy and support fellow producers.

They are among the many agripreneurs in this area, some of whom we meet every week at our local farmers’ markets. We are very fortunate to be able to put a name and face to the people who grow and produce our food.

The Creemore Farmers’ Market opens Saturday, and a new market in Mulmur is opening on Sundays. There is always a festive vibe at opening day in Creemore as people visit with neighbours while breakfasting on pierogies and empanadas, eyeing up the stalls trying to decide what to take home for lunch.

It is also when community groups promote their summer initiatives.

The Creemore Echo crew will also be at the market the first four Saturdays during our annual subscription drive.

We thank everyone for their ongoing support and as always, we are very grateful to be able to continue to deliver a local, independent, homegrown weekly newspaper and serve as a community hub.

In addition to our annual subscription for $49 per year, which includes an early bird electronic version every Thursday evening, we appreciate our boosters and champions.

A booster, with a contribution of $75 per year, is a keen promoter of community and the newspaper, someone who wants to give a little extra boost of encouragement. A champion, with a contribution of $100 or more, is someone who champions our mission to share the community’s stories.

Weʼd like to acknowledge our most recent boosters and champions:

Boosters since May 1

Steve & Irene Thomas

Bob McLean

Ann Warren

Rod Bradfield

Champions since May 1

Ann Hobbs & Byron Beeler

Pat & Chris Raible

Fran & Paul Breithaupt

Ann & Bruce Godwin

Kathy & Brad Denison

Helen Blackburn

Gail & Bill Martens

Kate & Rowland Fleming

Liz Eakins & James Bruer

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