Horticultural Society marks 100th anniversary

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The Creemore Horticultural Society, affectionately known to many as “The Hort”, has been beautifying the Village for 100 years. Since its beginnings in April 1921, the aim of The Hort was to beautify the Creemore community and its homes. The vision of Jacob Hisey, the first president, was “to make Creemore the prettiest village in Canada”.
At the inaugural meeting in 1921, the membership fee was set at $1 per person. To honour our heritage and encourage the love of gardening in village citizens, the Hort’s board of directors is again offering a membership for $1 for the calendar year 2021. This offer is good for both renewing and new members.
If you would like to join the Hort to help celebrate this milestone, there are several ways to submit your dues:
• Drop-off at The Echo: Thank you to Sara Hershoff who kindly volunteered their offices of The Echo (3 Caroline Street West in Creemore) as a drop-off point for your loonies to make it easy and convenient for you to pay when you are downtown. Be sure to sign the member registration sheet with name, phone and email when you pay.
• Pay for two years at one time. For just $13 ($1 for 2021 and a $12 early bird payment for 2022), you will be a member for both years. Again, you may pay at The Echo or email John Sabiston at John.Sabiston@sympatico.ca to arrange to pay by cheque or e-transfer for $13. Please note that this is a two-year payment and include your name, phone, and email.
The Hort looks forward to having the village be part of our celebration.

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