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The Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS) is an organization that works to meet the needs of our community through our work in animal welfare, education and compassion for pets and people. Over the past several years the need for accessible spay/neuter services for pets from financially limited families and animal rescues has been mounting. Spay/neuter and wellness veterinary services provide a long-term solution to pet overpopulation and remove barriers to pet wellness in vulnerable sectors of our community.

“As an organization, it brings us an insurmountable amount of joy knowing that we are fulfilling a long-standing need for financially-limited pet owners in our community,” says Sonya Reichel, GTHS Executive Director.

Why should pets be spayed/neutered? One unaltered female cat can produce three litters per year with average litter sizes ranging from four to six kittens. One unspayed cat and her offspring can produce more than 400,000 cats in their lifetime. Not only will fixing your pet help control pet overpopulation, it was also prolong the life of your furry best friend. Study after study shows the direct positive correlation of spaying/neutering your pet and pet health.

Beginning on July 2,2020, the GTHS Animal Hospital will open its doors to the public one day per week (Thursdays).

Clients will be provided resources on responsible pet ownership and the benefits of developing a strong relationship with a primary veterinarian in their area. Overtime, the GTHS will see fewer intakes due to fewer unwanted litters being born.

The following can be found at

-How to book an appointment
-Pre and post-surgery instructions
-Fee schedule

For questions about the GTHS Animal Hospital Spay/Neuter Service, contact or (705) 606-8102.

(pictured is Dr. Anick Amaro, GTHS Director of Medicine, checking the vitals of a cat before surgery)

The GTHS is a non-profit charity that operates an animal centre serving the south Georgian Bay region by providing shelter for homeless animals and adopting them to caring families. They offer innovative programs that enhance and support the human-animal bond. These programs include humane education, pet retention, access to veterinary medicine and animal transport for pets in need.



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