Humans are destructive, not animals

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Here’s a bad idea… let’s cull coyotes because they’re killing the herds that we plan to kill or maybe just keep around for a while. It’s our livelihood after all to decide when we slaughter them – for money of course.

As long as it’s commercially viable, then it makes sense right?

But when defenseless animals kill for survival they’re in the wrong… right?

Five pairs of eyes staring back is a sad image.

These animals are hungry. They may even be starving.

Fat humans who eat other animals have the privilege right?

We are on their land. We destroy their habitat when we build our massive palatial homes, our quarries, our highways.

We have many options, they have few to none.

Should we do away with any and all wildlife simply because it is trying to survive and in the process getting in our way?

Must humans always be the environmental imperialists who dominate with little to no respect for other life?

We don’t share well do we?

And when we lose tolerance, they must be culled.

This constant “darkness” about our relationship with nature is quite troubling.

Quite frankly, humans should not be in charge of the planet at all. We haven’t exactly done a masterful job of protecting it now have we?

We are actively limiting the species on the planet with our behaviour – putting countless varieties at risk and increased vulnerability due to human, not animal activity.

It is humans who are destructive, not animals.

Let’s remember that shall we?

Heaven forbid anyone should cull humans. That after all, would be considered genocide.

Meg Mercer, 


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