Important to engage youth in visioning

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I commend the Creemore Community Foundation for their interest, time, ideas, and financial contribution to Creemore. I personally know many of the people involved. All are extremely well meaning – there is no doubt in my mind about that.
However, I do have one big concern and that is the apparent lack of involvement of the youth of Creemore and those under the age of thirty who live here in Creemore or surrounding area. From personal experience, I know only too well how difficult it seems to be to get this age group involved. I also know it can and should be done.
I know Greg Young personally and have the greatest respect for him and faith in his ability to chair the Streering Committee that I am assuming will be meeting to review the results of the survey. May I humbly suggest that he involve at least one teenager and two people under the age of thirty to sit on the committee as well.
RAYS (Resources For Area Youth Success) is an excellent youth organization here in Creemore, and I am sure they could recommend a few teenagers who would be willing to sit on the committee. I know a few 20-30 year olds and would be happy to approach them.
Tony Fry,

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