Incumbents are tired

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First off, thanks to CARA for hosting an important Q&A/debate on Sunday. Nice to see younger voters (Caitlin McDonald) engage the candidates. All her concerns were valid for residents of Creemore.

Secondly, incumbents are tired. Their Stayner-centric/pro Airport stance is off-putting. 

No mention at all of the now 12-week delay/inactivity of the Stayner Library which in the long run every ratepayer will ante up to cover cost overruns. 

Are “born and raised” vs “I’m retired, I’ve got plenty of time” really valid qualifications to run for mayor, aka CEO, of $50 million+ corporation?

Finally, a little disappointing that question period for audience members was stifled to end at 4 p.m. Otherwise great turnout and event.

David Witzke,


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