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It’s no secret to many of you that Brad Holden, the Echo’s illustrious editor, is facing some significant health challenges in the next couple of months. The good news is that despite the fact he will undergo at least a couple surgeries, his condition is not life-threatening and we expect that Brad will recover fully and be back in the saddle soon. The not-so-good news is that the Echo is going to have to muddle along without him until then.

To that end, with her typical ingenuity, publisher Sara Hershoff has come up with a Three Part Plan to ensure that you, dear reader, are as well served as ever during these trying times.

The first part of the plan involves a talented young intern, Christopher Greer, who, while taking a break from his studies at University of Toronto, is eager to learn what he can about journalism at one of the few independent community newspapers left in the country. Christopher (yes, he’s a local; see his brief bio below) will be reporting and writing on news and events in and around Creemore.

Part two will see yours truly, Cecily Ross, (experienced editor or longtime hack depending on your point of view) guiding Christopher as he explores this exciting new career possibility.

The third part of the plan involves all of you – from Bryan Davies photos, to Thom Paterson’s news tips to Elaine Colliers’ recipes. Because cliché or not, it does take a village, a village like Creemore to produce a newspaper like this one. So all of us here at the Echo ­– Sara, Georgi, Fred, and for the next little while, Christopher and I – would like to thank all of you for everything you do to make this community better.
And to Brad, Nandi and the twins, our very, very heartfelt good wishes.

Christopher Greer Auto-Biography –

I was born in Brampton and lived in Mulmur Township in the hamlet of Terra Nova until I was five before moving with my family to Creemore, which I have called home ever since.

I remember being sorry to leave my Terra Nova home, where a brook babbled through the front yard and the trails in the surrounding woods were filled with the promise of adventure (and cut knees). But, in Creemore, I have found a real a sense of community.

During my not-so-many years here, I attended both public schools; was a minor soccer referee; participated in the Creemore Mocks film festival; played hockey and soccer; and worked as a bus boy at Chez Michel. Still, you may not recognize me as I have spent a good deal of time away from Creemore, both in Toronto – working on a (yet to be completed) degree in English and cultural anthropology at Trinity College ­– and Paris, where, like countless others before me, I went chasing the ghost of Hemingway this past summer.

I hope that by working at the Echo I will become all the more involved in the community, and I invite all of you to approach me with your stories.
I realize now that there are trails (and adventures to be had) in Creemore too, if only you know where to look.

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