Janet Horner elected Mulmur mayor

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Janet Horner will be taking the mayor’s seat in Mulmur Township when the next council is sworn in.

Horner won with 887 votes, beating out Paul Mills, who had 611 votes. 

On the evening of Oct. 22, all candidates gathered at town hall in Terra Nova to hear the results announced. 

“I went into the whole day with butterflies. I just couldn’t call it. I couldn’t determine how we were going to do. When they actually posted the numbers on the board, I thought, my goodness, that’s me,” said Horner. “I’ve had a real strong team behind me and they’ve pushed me to do some things that I might not have done on my own and I felt very thankful for all that help and relieved that it was going to be over.

She said she is exhausted from the campaign, which caused her to knock on more than 1,000 doors, hold a number of coffee meetings in people’s homes and attend candidate meetings.

Horner said she found people were very engaged and for the most part happy to spend some time talking politics. Although most people are quite content living in Mulmur, she found, people also had a lot of ideas – anything from how to improve a playground to speed concerns and road maintenance. 

“We have a notebook full of ideas that people were throwing out at us at the door,” said Horner. 

She said as part of the new council’s orientation she wants to have a goal-setting session, which will include sharing the ideas that all the candidates heard at the door and setting priorities. 

“A big thank you to all those who helped me get here. It certainly wasn’t something I did alone,” said Horner. “There was a whole network of folks in Mulmur that was so supportive.” 

Horner, who has served one term as councillor, will be joined at the council table by Deputy Mayor Earl Hawkins and three new councillors – Shirley Boxem, Patricia Clark and Ken Cufaro. 

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