Joining in praise for Foodland staff

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Thanks for publishing the letter Kudos to the Staff at Foodland, from Lillian Bagley.
It is disappointing to hear of the inconsiderate reaction of some customers to essential requests to use hand sanitizer to protect the staff and other store customers.
I wish to join in the praise of Foodland’s staff, management and the many volunteers who for the past two months have kept my husband and I supplied with good, fresh and affordable food.
It is delivered with a cheery wave each Tuesday, without fail and without reward.
It cannot be easy for a small store in a small town to keep supplies flowing in our direction. And I see no “COVID-19 surcharge” on my bills and I doubt if any of the staff are receiving danger pay! But these folks, as much as anyone, are keeping us alive and well.
Let’s recognize and repay them with the good manners, good cheer, and good habits they deserve.
Dawn McPherson,

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