Library cuts another grim, dark reality

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The cancellation of inter-library loans by Doug Ford due to the provincial funding cut to the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) is another grim and dark reality of what his government thinks about the needs and education of the general population.
Do we believe that Doug Ford is an educated, smart, informed leader for the Province of Ontario? Did we make an outcry when he paid each of the MPPs a bonus to cover their costs of the increase in prices of housing and rents in Toronto? What about the general population having to deal with the increased housing costs in Toronto with no increase in salaries? Did he support $15 an hour increase in wages? No he blocked that! Even at that salary boost can the general population keep up!
Doug Ford is dumbing us all down. Let’s get the facts. We have been duped by the Conservative government. They do not listen! They do not think about the best interest of all and growing Ontario into a wonderful, Inclusive and progressive province. The Conservatives are only for the self-interests of the rich at the expense of the well being of the whole. They are not acting as our representative.
Doug Ford and the Conservatives have let us down and are running a train wreck in this
Province like their Liberal kindred. Cuts to hospitals, schools, libraries does not grow a province. It kills it.
Barbara LaFleshe,

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