Life is a poker game

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Life is like a poker game, you never know what kind of hand you will be dealt until you turn over your cards.  

The thing is you have to know when to bluff, fold or rake in the winnings.  I have been dealt a hand which a few years ago would have been a definite fold ‘em, but now a days, you can just keep on playing.  

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and I am not going to fold… just yet. 

You could say that I am as tough as an old pair of hobnail boots, and in some ways you would be correct.  I look at this as just another adventure in this game of life, oh, I am not making light of the fact that I or for that matter anyone else has been told, “Itʼs cancer”.  

I am a realist and these things happen, usually through no fault of your own, it’s just the way the cards fall.  

My Dad always used to say, “look at the bright side of things”, I look at this as an experience and I can take you all along for the ride. There will be tough days and not so tough days.  

There are many survivors out there and I plan to be one of them.  I had to go and have a CAT scan done (I know eh, Cat gets a CAT scan, the irony in that) and because I had failed to drink the yummy white liquid (sarcasm), I had to drink it at the hospital and wait for an hour for it to travel through my system.  

Well, sitting in the waiting room in a busy area you hear and see a lot of things. I heard about men and women and all the different tests that they have had done and how the results looked, even about a woman who was worse after rehab than before she went in.  

Then, this is awful to say, but one of the patients in the waiting room looked just like the shrunken head guy from Beetlejuice (don’t say it three times), his head wasn’t that small but it was disproportionately small compared to his head.  

The CEO is my pillar of strength. I can’t die, who would make sure the coffee machine was set to go on at 5:45 a.m.?  

Seriously, I might sound flippant, but it is the combination of Swedish, English, Irish, German and Russian with a touch of gypsy thrown in that will keep me fighting.  

So, whatever cards you find yourself looking at, just smile and say, “I’ll see your five cents and raise you a quarter”.  

You’re bound to win every time.

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