Long-time Stayner postal worker retires

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Deborah Charman is retiring from the Stayner Post Office after more than 37 years on the job. 

Casual employment turned into a long career with Canada Post, where she found a tight-knit community and a role of importance in her hometown. 

Charman was home for the summer after spending the school year at York University, where she was studying to be a teacher, when she got a job as a casual employee with Canada Post. 

She said she had intended to go back to school but once she got into the workforce, and the benefits of a steady pay cheque and being welcomed into a family-like working environment, she decided to stay. 

“I got a taste of work and I kinda liked it,” said Charman. 

Charman is a life-long resident of Stayner and liked the idea of having a good job in her home community, where she knew almost everyone and felt at home. It was her community connections that got her that first job. Her father had done some work for the postmaster at that time, and Charman had played baseball with his daughter. At that time the post office often drew on personal connections to the community for recruitment. Charman said things have changed now and she understands why Canada Post is more corporate. Back then, there were no uniforms and things were more casual.

She shows a photo of the staff dressed up for Halloween, which was published in The Stayner Sun back in the 80s.

“It’s like a close family,” said Charman. “They are a good bunch.”

Charman, now senior assistant, has worked the front counter and sorting mail. She remembers when there was a lot more mail, so much that there was Saturday mail delivery with two people on shift at the post office. The mail arrived in large canvas bags and was sorted for delivery. Now, Canada Post does a lot of parcel delivery for online shoppers.

“There’ve been a lot of changes. In some ways it was better before but we’ve grown a lot and that’s good,” said Charman. 

People may also know Charman from her involvement in the local sports community. She is an avid broomball and ball player.

Charman was just inducted into The Springwater Sports Heritage Hall of Fame as part of the champion 1982 Elmvale Angels Fastball Team. 

She continues to coach broomball and slow pitch. 

In retirement, Charman said she is looking forward to having more time in the garden and plans to do some volunteer work. 

The community is invited for cake on March 29, Charman’s last day of work. The post office opens at 9 a.m. 

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