Lost dog found shot in rural Clearview

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It is believed a pet dog was baited and shot recently in Clearview.

Hercules, a 10-pound Pomeranian, escaped from a home on Centre Line Road Feb. 17. His owners were visiting the home of Shannon Eddy and Shawn Kane when the dog slipped through the door.

Eddy said they spent days searching the area around Centre Line Road and Concession 6 Sunnidale, where the dog was last seen but the grueling search effort ended horrifically 10 days later when they found the dog shot to death.

He was found on a nearby property that is not often used and adjacent to a vacant house. Authorities, including police, have been notified.

“We feel he was ambushed. He was near a bag of turkey remains,” said Eddy, adding that they believed it was intended as bait.

The dog was shot twice with what is believed to be a 22-caliber rifle. It is believed the first shot was a flesh wound and the second was fatal.

“This is a puppy that cannot be mistaken for a raccoon, or a fox, or a coyote, so this was an intentional act. There are remnants of dead animals everywhere we looked,” said Eddy.

“He spent days out there fending off wildlife just to get taken down by a human. It is very upsetting.”

France Lajeunesse, the founder of Aid 4 Paws Search and Recovery, became involved in the search a few days after the dog went missing. Lajeunesse said she got in touch after seeing pleas for information about Hercules on Facebook.

The volunteer organization helps those in need of assistance locate lost pets in the area of Dufferin County, Guelph and Kitchener. This is a tragic outcome for the organization that usually sees many happy reunions.

She and other volunteers headed north from Orangeville to put up posters and help search the area.

She took the body to a veterinarian for examination before returning it to its owners.

“It was a grizzly scene to say the least, he clearly had been shot,” said Lajeunesse.

It is believed the dog was shot about 12 hours before he was found, meaning he was lost in the woods for eight or nine days before he died.

“People need to do the right thing when they see an animal on their property and for the most part they do. What happened here is completely unacceptable,” said Lajeunesse. “I would caution people in the neighbourhood to be careful with their animals and their children because someone could have been hurt. It’s just not acceptable.”

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