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The gathering of the descendants of the farm families on the 8th Concession was a happy occasion. I was happy be invited to gather stories. (Move marks last of original 8th Concession farmers, Echo, Oct. 25, 2019.)
Today, I don’t have a story but a report of an old map published in the Collingwood Enterprise-Bulletin in 1977 and saved by my mother. With the map was this explanation, “It would be difficult in these days to produce a map which would show lot by lot the ownership of land in Nottawasaga Township. But in 1917, when it is estimated the map was drawn, land holdings were larger because hundreds of severances hadn’t been put through to carve lots into smaller ones. The map shown was published by Map and Advertising Co. Ltd., of Toronto and brought to the Enterprise-Bulletin office by Glen Best of Glen Huron. He found the map at home while searching through some papers.”
With the help of a photocopy enlargement and a magnifying glass I was able to see the names and pass them on to you.
•Dunedin to Sideroad 9/10 East Side J.F. Metheral, John Young, John H. Anderson.
• Sideroad 9/10 to Sideroad 12/13 East Side W.J. Arnold, P. McEwan, A. McLeod (those three together), Angus Campbell, J. Best, E. Lane, J. Kelleway.
• Sideroad 12/13 to Glen Huron East Side John Aikens, H. Hubbard, Ellen Joyce, Mrs. M. Ross, W.H. Hamilton.
• Dunedin to Sideroad 9/10 West Side C. Metheral, D. McBain, Geo. Best, R. McEwan.
• Sideroad 9/10 to Sideroad 12/13 West Side T.S. Ovens, Albert Allen, H’y Allen, M. Blackstock and R. Royal (those two together) J. Kennedy and R. Joyce (those two together), W. Lane.
• Sideroad 12/13 to Glen Huron West Side Alex Campbell, D. Brown, A. McLeod, Mrs. Ross, J. Joyce, J.R. Hamilton.
Coming next: The Port Hope Settlement. If you are wondering where that is you will find out.

Helen Blackburn is a retired teacher, avid gardener and a long-time contributor to the Creemore Echo. She writes about local history.

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