Masks, tiny effort for the health of others

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It’s a mask for god’s sake! One certainly knows that we are in the midst of a pandemic now as the amount of time and effort spent on opposing a safety measure, such as mask-wearing, seems to be limitless. Even if the benefit of this action is small (and it isn’t) why is this very tiny effort deemed to be an infringement of rights and freedoms? 
We wear seatbelts to save ourselves and others “in the case” of an automobile accident. I for one recall the brouhaha about that, where so called “experts” came forward with “statistics” proving that seatbelts caused deaths and maiming… to say nothing about creasing clothing, or not snogging with girlfriends while driving. 
Many “responsible” drivers vowed never to use them while many parents continued to allow their children to bounce untethered in the back seats of their cars… Until finally, it became the law and fines for not using them became expensive. 
You will never convince everyone to follow rules. There will always be those who oppose the majority, have a giant chip on their shoulder, and think of their own comfort while placing others at risk. 
Seriously. If wearing a mask is the worst thing you have been asked to do for your community… you have had a very enchanted life. 
Wear a mask for others and stop griping! 
Marion Bartlett,

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