Meandering the back roads an adventure in domestic relations

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Once the fine weather gets here I seem to get itchy feet to travel somewhere. 

Due to the amount of animals that require my daily care, I don’t seem to get any great distance travelled but more of a day trip here and there. 

I love to expand my horizons and visit places, sometimes it is a repeat visit, sometimes it’s somewhere new, although not always exciting. 

The CEO and I differ considerably on our views of exciting places. I find stopping at garage sales exciting, he finds driving slowly through equipment dealers exciting (major yawn-fest for me). 

Not only is the destination an adventure but also the getting there. I am one who puts the pedal to the metal and find the most direct route, even if it means going on the 400 series; the CEO however would rather drive 40 miles out of the way to avoid the 400 series, this is when the terse conversation starts. 

Many a moon ago a bunch of us pals got a van and headed down to Lulu’s in Kitchener to see George Jones. On the way there lots of chitter chatter and excitement, on the way back less chatter and less excitement. 

The CEO, egged on by his buddy, decided that we should do the left/right tour on the way home. Now if you don’t know what that is then let me explain. You are driving down the back roads and you come to a stop, this first stop you turn right, even if this is not the direction you want to go, then the next stop you turn left. You continue to do the left/right dance till three days later you finally arrive at your destination. 

Now for anyone who has travelled for many hours in a vehicle you know that the call of your bladder can be deafening. 

When you are with the CEO he will pull over the minute a man says, hey, anytime you want to pull over that would be great. However, if you are a female passenger and you mention that a potty break would be great, you will fly past at least 15 gas stations hearing the words… looks like they are closed or… I will stop at the next one, really. 

Trips that require looking at a map can often result in the words, “can’t get there from here”, which loosely translated means; I don’t want to get there from here. 

So wherever your road trips lead you, have fun, empty your bladder before leaving and do what I do, the driving.

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