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It is really sad, first to not have a great bank in Creemore anymore but even sadder to think that a group of people want to see it torn down.

The bank building was so well constructed, and of all the years I worked there it was well maintained.  

I remember when the big front window was removed. It was difficult for us. We felt like we couldn’t be part of the activities on Mill Street. 

It was done to provide better night deposit access for business customers and of course the green machine. 

The only thing about the building that gave us great stress was the heating system. One cold winter, I remember us all working with winter coats and mitts on but our customers brought in hot teas and hot chocolate to warm us. 

We had a big staff of 13 people at one time and the bank was the hub of the village. 

We had great staff. I remember Huck Caesar, my first manager. He always took time to talk sports with us and ask how the baseball game scores were. 

Jack Hanning would come out of his office on a busy Friday night and write up passbooks for us to help keep our line-ups down. 

I worked with Rick Kelly the longest. He was up for any kind of fun we suggested on our customer appreciation days. We all put in a lot of work but had fun in what we did. We all put the human element in banking. 

When we were robbed the first time we realized just how important our bank was to our customers. The following day we were expecting business as usual but when the doors opened the bank was full of customers. 

They had a look of concern on their faces and brought us treats. I knew they were there to see we were okay.  Another time a terrible storm was brewing and manager Rick Kelly felt it unsafe to walk home so when Brenda Noble and I went to leave Glen Morby showed up in the snowplow. We had a safe ride home.  I wish the bank could be used for something valuable for the village and just think, that vault would make an  amazing  cold room.

Linda Cockton was a TD Bank employee for about 35 years. 

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