Mulmur fishing hole gets new lease on life

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The revitalization of the Pine River Provincial Fishing Area in Mulmur is the result of a collaborative effort to clean-up the park and restock the river. 

Mayor Paul Mills said the Friends of the Pine River, which formed in December, convinced the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) to restock the river and on May 30, 10,000 Speckled (Brook) Trout were released into The Pine. The river was last stocked 26 years ago.

Leading up to the release, volunteers did a big clean-up of the area, which has been abused by people who dump garbage and party in the remote location. Mills said the area does attract hooligans and the clean-up effort was not without its setbacks. A new fish cleaning station built by Matt Bos was destroyed and burned. Mills said it is a real shame because Boso, a volunteer firefighter, but a lot of time and energy, and his own money, into building the station and everyone was really pleased with it.  

The effort to reclaim the fishing area and make it a family friendly place is a collaborative effort, said Mills. Mulmur council voted to add $10,000 to its budget for police enforcement of the area. Mills said the hope is that vandals will be dissuaded from targeting the area with more people using the park and the added police presence.

The township also did some work to improve the driveway and parking lot area and many individuals have contributed labour and expertise. 

Steven Murphy, avid angler and County of Dufferin staffer, said the Friends of the Pine River are currently negotiating with Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority to become a subsidiary of that organization. Once the negotiations are complete the Friends will focus on projects throughout the Pine River watershed. The Pine River Provincial Fishing Area (PRPFA) is a provincial park dedicated to low impact outdoor pursuits such as fishing, hiking, picnicking, bird/wildlife watching, etc.

“The trout are yearlings and average about eight inches in length. These fish will grow considerably in this environment and should provide great opportunities for families to go fishing together,” said Murphy.

The Friends of the Pine River is made up of about 30 members and they are recruiting. (Find them on Facebook.) 

They said, “Although the trout had a long trip on a hot day to get here, they appeared to suffer no ill effects and the mortality rate was extremely low. We can hardly wait to see these fish grow and provide enhanced fishing opportunities in the Pine River Fishing Area.”

There will be a kids fishing derby June 30 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., the morning of Mulmur Day activities at town hall, beginning at 4 p.m. The Pine River Fishing Area is located west of Terra Nova, at River Road and Prince of Wales Road. 

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    Amazing work! Didn’t know there was that much of an issue with vandals but I can see it being a problem.

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