NDBL all-star games Saturday

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The two all-star games for the North Dufferin Baseball League takes place Saturday in New Lowell.

The Clearview Orioles are hosting the senior and junior contest at the New Lowell Recreation Park.

The senior game starts at 1 p.m. between the East and West divisions, with the junior contest beginning at 4 p.m. between the Jays and Expos.

Players selected for the East include: Ryan Bennett, Chris Leslie (Alliston); Chris Rettie, Ryan Vanveen, Devon Wu (Aurora); Jon Grootveld, Jake Morris, Christian Ray (Barrie); Daniel Accardo, Carter Burnside, Chris Fafalios (Bolton Brewers); Eamonn Chiodo, Ron Dipalma, Brandon Nieva (Bolton Dodgers); Pete Flood, Cale McLean, Jeff Shilling (Midland); and Carson Burns, Nathan Drury, Josh Hickey (Orangeville).

Eric Cirone of the Bolton Brewers will manage the team with coaching duties assigned to Kevin Buck of Orangeville and Steve Lafreniere of Midland.

Making up the West team are: Tristan Cabral, Cory Line, Donovan Winch (Clearview); Jeff Akitt, Tom Gateman, Brandon Watson (Creemore); Kael Racioppa, Nick Saracino, David White (Ivy Leafs); Benjamin Davies, Adrian Gutierrez (Ivy Rangers); Kris Allary, Zach Scragg, Ryan Smith (Lisle); Devon Caldwell, Bryan Hannon (Mansfield); and Chris Greer, Jesse McIntyre, Jake Nicholson, Brandon Norrie (New Lowell).

Peter Kinghan of New Lowell will manage the team with Vance White of Ivy Leafs and Kyle Warren of Clearview coaching.

The two junior all-star teams are made up of players from each ball club, with two players on both teams.

The Jays include: Charlie Jeans, Mitch Tucker (Ivy); Tristan Hill, Nathan Lennox (Lisle); Lucas Day, Jacob Hall (Mansfield); Colin Kitching, Mitch McCron (Midland); Preston Brubacher, Dylan Dever (New Lowell); Mitchell Skilton, Michael Zambito (Orangeville); Dylan Embury, Tanner Woodhouse (Orillia).

Managing the team is Phil Wilkins of New Lowell. Coaches are Anthony Zambito from Orangeville and Glenn Strickland from Midland.

Players on the Expos include: Ryan Barr, Brendan Lovell (Ivy); Spencer Dubeau, Tyson Pendleton (Lisle); Alex Attenborough, Kashtin Winchester (Mansfield); Jamie Strickland, Liam Woodford (Midland); Evan Tuckett, Jayden Wilkins (New Lowell); James Clubine, Ty Doney (Orangeville); Cade Lafrance, Cam Provenzano (Orillia). Managing the Expos is Dave Metz from Mansfield. Dan Tucker from Ivy and Brant Dubeau from Lisle are coaches.

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