New Lowell United Church thrilled with Easter present

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Palm Sunday was very special at New Lowell United Church when they were surprised with a donation of $1,600 to cover the price of an AED. 

The church had decided to fundraise for this life saving device as recent years they have had a few incidents and now that the church is a community based accessible building it seems wise to have an AED. 

Legion members Lorne and Marilyn McLellan presented this need to the New Lowell Legion and they graciously looked into their Poppy Fund account and decided that they would buy this for the church. 

What a great feeling throughout the church that day as the community again grew in links with working together to make New Lowell a safe comfortable place for all ages to live. 

The surprise was on all faces especially seen in the picture at right: Legion Poppy Fund president Roy Pollack (from left), Lorne McLellan, Marilyn McLellan and Barbara Wynia, members of the Board of Stewards. The only wish from Roy is that we never have to use this device. Thank you to all Legion Members for helping your Community Church yet again!

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