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“The community has asked, and we have responded,” said Sara Hershoff, Creemore Echo Communications CEO and president. “I am proud to announce that we are launching a series of new newspapers, one for every village, hamlet, crossroads, glen and gully within our readership area.”
Hershoff said she believes it makes good business sense to delve deep into print media at this time and is bolstered by the fact that she has secured start-up funding from some of the biggest investors in fax machines, VCRs and floppy disks.
“It’s a great time to proliferate the presence of print media,” said Hershoff. “People are tiring of the negativity of Facebook and other social media, and they long for the old days of negativity in good old fashioned ink.”
She said she looks forward to better representing each of the communities, for their true individual identities.
On April 1, Hershoff is announcing a number of titles to launch the expansion, beginning with The Nottawa Nugget, The Singhampton Sentinel, New Lowell News, The Duntroon Daily, Sunnidale Siftings and The Mansfield Miner.
“We are going to start small and go smaller,” said Hershoff, further announcing the eventual launch of titles such as The Glen Huron Howler, The Avening Alert, The Dunedin Doppler, The Brentwood Beat, The Glencairn Gossiper, The Terra Nova Tattler, Websterville Weekly, The Lavender Leaflet, The Cashtown Courier, The Banda Breeze, and many more.
“No more muddying the waters,” said Hershoff. “Up until now we have been limited to token coverage of each community but we all know that the issues in Dunedin are not the same as those in Lavender, and the challenges facing people in Websterville are not the same as those in Smithdale. It is time we recognized our individuality.”
Hershoff says she is committed to having “boots on the ground” in each of the coverage areas. The small but vital army of reporters will report directly to editor Trina Berlo.
“I am proud to be part of a news organization that has the forward-thinking vision to know that print media is where it’s at,” said Berlo. “Small, niche, independent newspapers are obviously the future of media. It’s like a licence to print the news and no one is taking advantage of it, except us.”
Hardcopies of the newspapers will be distributed to the respective communities, following The Echo’s proven high-efficiency distribution model using Canada Post and hand-delivery, while shirking all social media other than word-of-mouth. Watch for the new publications at general stores beginning April Fool’s Day.

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  • Diana

    Smithdale Snitch? Fabulous Sara!

  • Larry Culham

    I’d like to come out of retirement and apply for the full-time reporter position for the Corn Hill Expositor when you launch. “Boots on the ground” has a familiar ring to it Ms. Berlo.

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