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What does phubbing mean? This word describes the action of maintaining eye contact while texting.
This so did not happen last weekend while the crowd played all the vintage Victorian games inside and outside the Creemore Branch of the Clearview Public Library and the Creemore Log Cabin. In fact, there was not a cell phone anywhere in sight while people played with the hoops, stilts, burlap sacks, badminton rackets and the all the other “unplugged” activities.
Instead, there was lots of laughter. Without the constant stimulus of online engagement, there was plenty of opportunity for “real” conversation, connection and community building within the crowd of attendees.
This weekend at the Creemore Vintage Fest, the same technology-free mentality will reign. What will you find this year? After checking out the clippings and photos in the scrapbook display of our historic past at the Creemore Log Cabin, pop next door to the library between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to find out what you can do to relax after visiting the vintage market, the local shops and restaurants and all the landmarks in the Town with the Big Heart.
There will be plenty of free old fashioned fun for the whole family!

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