Orchid lives through generations

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This story is about an orchid that is over 24 years old and is so loved and treasured by our family. It all started when my Aunt Audrey moved to Tiny Beaches near Lafontaine in 1995. There was an orchid right next to the driveway in a small flower bed. She had no idea how long it had been there before she moved in. In the winter she would put a pail over it for protection. Then every June, it would bloom.
She moved to Barrie in 2011 (16 years later) so she dug up the Yellow Lady’s Slipper and moved it to my mother’s house in Barrie. It bloomed each year for the next four years. When my mother passed away in 2015 from cancer, we dug up the orchid once again, this time moving it to my house in Creemore. It hasn’t minded this move either as it has been blooming the last four years in my garden. I have placed an angel beside the orchid in memory of my mother and my aunt’s sister. We know the orchid is 24 years old and how many more unknown years it has been blooming is a mystery.
Donna Sanford-Duits,

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