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Naturopathic doctor Kate Hunter is extending her practice to Creemore, seeing patients at Body ‘n Balance on weekends. 

Hunter specializes in auricular and bioenergetic medicine, meaning she tests the body using the pulse to see what organ systems are out of balance and what is needed to correct it. Hunter explains, she affixes two copper plates to the patient and tests using different organ filters in order to figure out what remedies to recommend. 

For those who are familiar, she said it’s like muscle testing but using the pulse and the energetic field. The pulse will bound when an organ is out of balance and dissipate when it is in balance. 

“The testing pinpoints which organ is causing the symptom rather than treating the symptom,” said Hunter

She said it takes the guesswork out of the treatment and allows her to develop a targeted plan which may include a combination of herbs, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine. Treatment duration varies from person to person, she said, with some results achieved quickly and others being treated over time, depending on the ailments. The initial process brings balance to the organs and then there is the maintenance.

Hunter said she treats a wide variety of health concerns and people can contact her about anything, including hormone imbalance, problems with sleep, fertility, stress, thyroid, ADHD, Autism, concussions and gastro intestinal issues. She does specialize in digestive issues because she embarked on naturopathy as a result of her own struggle with Crohn’s Disease. 

She was diagnosed at 23 and didn’t want to accept that she would have to take heavy drugs in the long term so she sought naturopathic treatment. 

“I was put on a healing program that addressed why my system was reacting the way it was. With the support of vitamins, herbs and natural remedies; my body began to reprogram and heal itself. Soon after I started seeing my naturopathic doctor, I went off the western medication that I was on and trusted in the healing powers of my own body supported by naturopathic medicine,” said Hunter. 

She is has now been free of Crohn’s Disease for many years.

“The body is a physical manifestation of the emotional and mental state,” said Hunter. 

For example, she said constipation may not be caused by a physical problem with the bowel. It could be a result of grief and sadness, and not letting go. 

Hunter practices in Toronto during the week but is seeing patients in Creemore when she is up on weekends with her husband and two small children. An initial 90-minute intake costs $225. 

Some medical insurance plans cover naturopathic medicine and remedies and supplements can be delivered to the patient’s home.

Email [email protected] or call Body ‘n Balance at 705-520-0265 to arrange a pre-intake phone consultation, if desired.

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