Parallels of power: Trump and Hitler

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It’s interesting to note the many similarities that exist between two megalomaniac dictators, Donald Trump and Hitler:

1. They both sported specific hair identifiers. Hitler, with his square black mustache and Trump, with his scooped forward hair-do.

2. Hitler blamed the Jews for all that was wrong in the world,  Trump blames immigrants,  Mexican and Syrian and the Democrats.

3. Hitler started a war of bombs and bullets. Trump started a war of tariffs and antagonistic diplomacy.

4. Both developed a fear mongering culture and protectionist mentality in their citizens.

5. Hitler had Goebles. Trump had Cohn.

6. Hitler silenced people with a bullet, Trump silenced people with money.

Hitler had something going for him that Trump didn’t, the ruinous financial crash of 1928. Trump had to invent one by stating “I’m going to make America great again”, when it was already pumping ahead with an annual eight per cent GDP growth.

Hitler one-upped Trump by publishing his philosophy and objectives in ‘Mein Kampf’, while Trump stumbled over long words in inconsistent ‘tweets’.

Maybe Trump needs a special salute. Hitler’s ‘straight-arm’ salute worked for him.

The difference between them is, Hitler’s atrocities earned him suicide. Trump’s atrocities are simply earning him ridicule. Hitler will be long gone, while Mr. Teflon Trump will simply turn to his next page.

Where there are similarities there are definable differences. Hitler was a product of the 1930s. Trump is a product of today.

John Wiggins, 


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