Peace of mind knowing the best medical help is accessible

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My daughter Kim Kramers suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on Jan. 17 at the grocery store. 

Due to the quick action of Creemore area residents, 9-1-1 was called and CPR was administered. A short time later (less than six minutes I’m told) Clearview emergency services arrived and Kim’s vital signs were restored. Kim was taken to Collingwood General and Marine Hospital. She was stabilized there. Health care professionals decided that Kim needed to be transported to Southlake Regional Health Centre cardiology unit for more specialized care. 

What a coincidence, while Kim was at Southlake, George Cornell, Warden of Simcoe County, and our Tiny Township mayor, was making a financial donation to the Southlake health Unit Cardiology department in York Region. (Simcoe County also makes annual financial donations to Simcoe County hospitals.)

Again, on Friday March 1, George Cornell officially opened a new Simcoe County Paramedic Centre in Collingwood. 

Response time will be even faster to save lives. A new hub is also planned for Elmvale. 

Simcoe County residents can be very proud of upper tier government for the support of our health care services in Simcoe County and York Region.

Our family has experienced first hand the support and dedication of Simcoe County to our health care system. What peace of mind this has given us knowing the best help in Ontario is accessible and available when any of us need it. 

Kim is now home in Creemore, doing rehabilitation follow-up at Southlake. She is making good progress, thanks to all of the professional health care providers during her journey. 

Each of us can help to keep this excellent high level of health care by making a financial donation to any of the hospital foundations. They need our help 

Thanks to all for the inquiries and support from Creemore and Clearview residents. 

Barb Hunt, 

Tiny Township. 

Gary, Kim and Riley Kramers,


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