Pizza Perfect owners set to retire, restaurant sold

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Partners in life for more than 45 years, and in business for more than 20 years, Henry and Christina Affolter will now be partners in leisure.
The couple has sold their restaurant, Pizza Perfect Wings and Good Things, and are looking forward to a well-deserved rest.
The Affolters have been staples in the business community of Creemore for more than two decades. They operated a video store until they took over a pizza place on Caroline Street West, eventually ending up in their main street location.
Before the internet, and even cable, the video store was an essential service in the village. The Affolters recall paying a premium to bring in movies six to eight weeks before the videos were available for purchase. “The rental part of the business was good,” said Henry. “But the returns were a problem because if people didn’t bring them back right away we would lose money,” added Christina.
They got to know a lot of people in town and, being a new immigrant Henry said he always felt welcome.
As a young man, Henry came to Canada to learn English in preparation for an apprenticeship as a commercial businessman back home in Leuzigen, Switzerland. He was working as a waiter at a restaurant at Simpsons in Yorkdale when a waitress there caught his eye.
“I remember standing at the wall, very shy,” said Henry.
He asked her to go to a party but Christina declined, saying she didn’t want to date a co-worker but they ended up going to the movies together that week.
Christina went back to Switzerland with Henry, where they lived for 20 years, and had two children.
Eventually she became homesick for her family back in Canada, as was her daughter. Their son, who was non-verbal autistic, would be forced to leave school at the age of 18, but in Canada he would be able to go to school until he was 21 so, weighing all the benefits, they decided to move in 1994.
They worked hard, managing the video business and, later, running a busy kitchen. After taking over Pizza Perfect, they worked to improve the quality of the food and added menu items. Henry usually works the griddle and Christina makes the pizzas, 50 or more on a busy day.
Over the past couple of years, the workload has become too much so they have been winding down, closing earlier and taking proper lunch breaks together.
The tragic death of their son eight years ago, and bouts of illness have taken a toll, prompting them to take some time for themselves, rest up and visit family back in Switzerland. Eventually they plan to move to Penetanguishene to be closer to their daughter and her family.
They are very pleased that the restaurant has sold to Stacey and Andrew Karsgaard.
“I hope they will be very successful,” said Henry. “A lot of people are happy for us that we can retire.”
“We would like to thank all of our customers, all the people in town who supported us,” said Christina.
Pizza Perfect will be closing for the first two weeks of July and then will re-open for the rest of the month until the new owners take over August 1.

Don Laverdure photo: Mayor Doug Measures presents Pizza Perfect Wings and Good Things restaurant owners Henry and Christina Affolter a certificate of appreciation in advance of their retirement at the end of July.

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