Poem: The Stable Genius

 In Opinion

The other day “The Donald” sought a NATO chiefs consensus 

To increase their countries’ budgets per their spending on defenses

He claimed he’d scored a victory, securing their agreement

To two per cent of GDP. On this point he was vehement. 

A “stable genius” were the words with which he limned his nature

And I’m in full agreement as he claims this nomenclature

For I maintain for my own use a modest little stable

Two horses and a donkey find their fare upon my table 

They really serve no purpose other than my own distraction 

And to keep me on my toes when there’s a boundary infraction 

Invariably the donkey is the first to find a weakness

In perimeter of pastures, then they’re off like it’s the Preakness.

He is by far the smartest in my barnyard pet collection 

The acme on the equine scale of IQ score detection. 

So I say The Donald’s right in his assessment of his status;

Like my ass, “a stable genius” prone to braying fits and flatus.  


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