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Creemore is usually a quiet and peaceful village but it has its fair share of vandals and mischiefs.

There are times when public property is defaced or stolen and it’s always hard to know how to deal with it. Giving these incidents too much media coverage can exacerbate the situation but it is important for the community to know what is going on.

Over this past weekend, two particular incidents prompted people to contact The Echo.

While guests were enjoying the festivities at a wedding at Station on the Green Saturday, thieves were rummaging through the unlocked cars and a number of items were stolen. Police were able to question those responsible and recover a number of stolen items and a wallet was later recovered after it was deposited into the library drop box.

On Monday morning daycare providers at Teddy Bears Picnic arrived at work to find the hose had been running for who knows how long and bottles had been smashed in the toddler playground area at the side of the building. Staff had to fish broken glass out of the wood chips.

These are serious examples of mischief causing personal grief and posing a danger to people. There are other less severe examples of defacing public property, when mischief results in an unwanted expense for volunteers and shop owners.

In Creemore, where there isn’t a big police presence, it is important for people to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. Chances are someone saw uninvited guests at the Station on the night of the wedding or hanging around in the playground at Teddy Bears Picnic.

Thefts from unlocked cars are a big problem in this area.

Local police are always warning people to “lock it or lose it”.

We are so used to feeling secure that it is sometimes hard to remember to remove valuables from vehicles and lock the doors, until something is taken. It is our understanding that thieves aren’t interested in breaking into the car, they just move on to find one that isn’t locked.

Often the things left in cars are the most valuable to us and the most important – prescription glasses, cell phones, wallets. It can be very costly to replace those things. Replacing a wallet is a huge expense, not to mention a pain in the butt.

We all need to be a little more vigilant in the protection in our own property and that of others.

We don’t know if it is always youth who are causing disturbances in the village but chances are boredom plays a role in some of incidents. Anyone who grows up in a small town, where there is very little for teenagers to do, knows that circumstance can lead to trouble and this is where parents must be responsible for knowing the whereabouts of their children.

These things happen everywhere and Creemore is better than most for keeping the peace but please be on the lookout for suspicious behavior and report incidents to the police.

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