Rama Bus next week, August 1

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There were 35 out for seniors on July 13.

Congratulations to Isabelle and Peter Gubbels, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last weekend!

We welcomed Bruce Kneeshaw today.

If there are enough passengers, a bus will go to Rama on Aug. 1. Please call 705-466-5205 soon if you would like to go so we can plan for the bus.

The 50/50 winners were Marg Ferguson, Peter Gubbels, Carol Tymchuk, Toosje Vasvari, Bruce Kneeshaw, Marg Falls, and Ray Leighton.

Moonshots were played by Marg Hennessy, Dave Smith x2, Ted Underhill, with Ruby Klinck getting the travel prize.

Card winners were Toosje Vasvari, 284; John Van Voorst, 281; June Hartley, 266; Martin Verstraten, 245; Ruby Klinck, 132.

Peter Gubbels was on the lucky chair.

Thursday, July 20 was our monthly potluck lunch.

Unfortunately for those who did not come, only fifteen members enjoyed a wonderful feast.

Later there were 36 present for bid euchre.

Our best wishes go out to our members who have been experiencing a bump in their road to good health.  Mercedes Veinot went home from hospital last week.

Alma Seifert is still in Collingwood Hospital. Evelyn Warden was able to be sent home from hospital on Friday.

Brenda Long is still at home recuperating from a back injury.

The 50/50 winners were Corrine Brownridge, Marjorie Thompson, Ruby Klinck, Carol Tymchuk, Ray Leighton, and Marg Ferguson.

Moonshots were played by Pat Winger, Morris Tymchuk, Corrine Brownridge, and Janice Stevens won the travel prize.

There were no very high scores for cards.

Prizes went to Ray Broad, 287; Alinda Bishop, 263; Roy Veinot, 263; Pat Broad, 252; and Leona Hartling, 100.

Marg Falls was on the lucky chair.

If you would like to spend an enjoyable afternoon with friends or make new friends, please join us Thursday afternoons at 1 p.m. for bid euchre. Newcomers are always welcome.

– Submitted by Irma Flack on behalf of Big Heart Seniors.

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