Reader inundated with fraudulent calls

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I don’t usually get too upset, because it never seems to help, but of late I am a bit beside myself. Over a recent period of 10 days, I had two calls from the federal courts threatening to incarcerate me if I didn’t pay money via my debit or Visa card, three calls from Revenue Canada demanding immediate payment with a credit card or I was going to have my wages garnisheed, a bit difficult since I am retired and don’t have wages. I also got two fraudlent VISA calls and two separate attempts to get at my bank account after I made an e-payment. These nuisance calls are way out of control, I write this letter just as a heads up to those who might be tricked. 
On the bright side I continue to get calls to have my ducks cleaned, I always ask if they are capable of cleaning other foul as I have a bunch of dirty geese that could use a wash. And a day hardly goes by that I don’t get a call on my cell in Chinese. So I am thinking of taking language courses so I can tell what’s up but I can’t decide if it should be Mandarin or Cantonese. 
Again I am simply write as a public service, don’t get tricked. 
Allen Clarke,

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