Sculpture makes village special

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I’ve always admired the lovely sculpture of the dancing children outside the Saturday market but now they look like ghosts.

The lovely bronze patina has turned white. When I ran into Ralph Hicks, the sculptor, he told me the cause is calcium deposits from the water.

Mr. Hicks created and donated this piece 14 years ago, and since then it has become a gathering point for visitors and locals.

It’s part of what makes Creemore special.

He told me that after the sculpture was refurbished around eight years ago to remove the deposit, he made another generous donation to maintain it. But nothing has been done.

He told me that he has been asking the management of the Station on the Green to do something about it for years, but they haven’t responded. The money is still sitting there.

It’s a shame that one of the best features of the town is being allowed to deteriorate—and it’s an insult to the artist.

Apparently the problem is easy enough to fix.

Time to do it.

Margaret Wente,


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