Sewers invited to help bring art installation to life

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Artists Deborah Farqharson and Jocelyn Hirtes are inviting the community to contribute to their creation of an art installation for Creemore Festival of the Arts, coming up at the beginning of October.
The installation titled Curiousness of a Fieldstone Pile will be a replication of a fieldstone pile, often seen throughout the agricultural landscape, recreated at Creemore Log Cabin.
“We are creating a surprising element. You’ll be able to peek inside of it and there’s going to be a fiber art interior,” said Farqharson.
Those participating in the workshop will be creating elements of the interior.
“We want to involve the community and we think that quilting, even though it’s not going to be quilted with batting – it’s more the pattern that we are focusing on,” explained Farqharson. “Quilting references the original families and communities that cleared the fields and made those piles way back when, and the people who slept in the log cabin probably slept under quilts and made quilts.”
She said the nature of quilting by bringing community together, salvaging older pieces and repurposing them, is a nice tie-in to the project.
The sewing workshop will be quite improvisational.
“We are going to see what happens organically and then we are going to work with the pieces that the volunteers make, so they have to be willing to donate their piece to the project, and we will use them and others to construct the interior,” said Farqharson.
Anyone with a sewing machine and basic sewing knowledge is welcome to participate in an improvisational sewing workshop from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 7. The workshop will take place at Farqharson’s home in Terra Nova. Contact to register and to get more information about what to bring. Fabric and thread will be provided.

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