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Having moved into town from a house in the woods, Creemore presents me with new sounds.
• Bob Ransier’s train whistle invoked the town’s railway past (I wish it were still here!)
• Every morning we hear the shuffle of generally reluctant feet heading to school at the end of the street and then, around 3, the skipping sound of happy feet going home
• Fire engines are noisy: screaming sirens and the thunder of their passage towards their call
• Young puppies (especially recently) introduce themselves with yips, yelps and jumps
• On garbage days nothing is as comforting as the squealing brakes of the garbage truck in front of the house
• While out walking I smile as I turn my head towards the laughter generated by a well-told story
• In warm weather, the rumble and roar of motorcycles seems to overwhelm all other sounds
• I am always comforted by the sound of familiar voices:
• Colleen at the Post Office gently shouting from the back, “I found it!”
• Jenn at the Pharmacy quietly saying, “It’s ready.”
• Norma at Affairs quickly asking, “How can I help you?”
• and Joanne at the hair salon asking, “Same as last time?”
• In warm weather in spring the air is filled with bird song, offset somewhat by the raucous arguments which crows never seem to resolve
• At night, after lights out, the silence fits like a blanket. Is there ever silence during the day? Sadly no one hears me asking the question.
I learn more by listening than by talking. The town is teaching me a lot!
Bill Mann,

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