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We wanted to thank Bonnie MacPherson and Rick Schubert for sharing in last week’s “Letters” what we also felt really crossed a line during the speech at the Creemore Cenotaph Remembrance Day ceremony. My dad was at Juno Beach on D-Day and November 11 has a very special meaning to me and my family. While we greatly appreciate the effort and planning that goes into organizing this event, to say that we were surprised at the developing tone of the speech is an understatement. The polarization that politics brings to a situation, and especially on such an occasion of sombre reflection, is totally inappropriate to those who stood up to the tyranny of racism and fascism. It is also an insult to those who simply came to honour and remember those who served. On a day when “Lest We Forget” has so much significance, the feeling of profound emptiness and disappointment is what we’ll remember from this ceremony. 

Barb and Peter Halsall,

Glen Huron.

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