Staff excited for move to new library, occupancy date unknown

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A move-in date is not yet known for the new Stayner branch of Clearview Public Library.
Clearview CAO Steve Sage told council on Jan. 13 that despite the delays the cost overruns are about $23,000, mostly to cover the cost of consultants and architects who are managing the project.
The delays are due to the contractor’s financial problems. Bondfield Construction Company was in the news for construction delays on several big projects, including Union Station, cost overruns and delays in paying sub-contractors. Some projects were terminated but the Stayner library build eventually got back on track.
“As far as the contractor’s work on site today, they are doing quite well,” said Sage, adding they were having some problems with sub contractors and there was a delay in the delivery of the main door frame.
The original approval for the construction of the new 7,000 square foot Stayner branch, built as an addition to the Stayner Arena, was $3,807,892.
Sage also said a contract is being prepared to sell the current branch location on Huron Street.
Library CEO Jennifer LaChapelle said there is a site meeting Tuesday and she is hoping to get an occupancy date. That would help staff plan for the big move but an actual move-in date would be a ways off.
She said although the delays have been aggravating she is understanding, saying, “I don’t think any project actually comes in on time… The delays that we are seeing now aren’t wildly out of the norm.”
She is also keeping in I mind that the other tenders had later completion dates so there wasn’t really an alternative to get it done sooner.
Once staff can get it to the new library there will be much to do before it opens, including the relocation of 65,000 items in its catalogue. Special movers will be hired to move and shelve the material. There will be a closure of two to three weeks to accommodate the move.
LaChapelle said the staff is really excited.
“My staff are just bouncing on their toes…,” she said. “And I think once the public see what the library can do for them – I know many are excited now but once they see the space they are going to be super excited as well.”
The Clearview Library Fundraising Team has committed to raising $250,000 toward the building costs. The committee has created various donation levels and opportunities for recognition.
Any donation over $20 is eligible for a tax receipt and any donation over $100 will be recognized with some sort of name recognition.
There are many ways to donate. Visit any branch of the Clearview Public Library or call 705-428-3595.

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