Stayner Lions out watering new trees

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Stayner Lions Club had two projects to complete this past year as part of a celebration for Lion’s International 100th year and Canada’s 150th Birthday.  For its Centennial Project they planted 150 maple trees throughout Clearview Township, in Nottawa, Singhampton, Duntroon, Stayner, Creemore, Dunedin, Lavender, New Lowell, Brentwood and at the GNE Fairgrounds. There are still some trees that need to be planted at the Stayner Library, Creemore Pavilion at Gowan Park, and the Memorial Forest in Stayner, when the projects are complete.  The club’s mission for the summer was to water these trees weekly to give them a good start. They had the help of many volunteers. Trent, Leanne, Nolan and Aiden Campbell helped out by watering the trees in Singhampton; Bill Schell watered trees in Brentwood, Lynn Wilkinson watered at the Lavender Cemetery, and Stayner firefighters are looking after the trees at the hub.

Clearview Nursery supplied the trees, watering bags and planting. Clearview Township assisted in locating areas to plant trees and provided the water. Stayner Rental donated a watering trailer every week to help make watering go quickly. Stayner Lions members also need to be thanked for the many hours maintaining these trees.

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