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Because people cannot come together at this time, organizers of the local Terry Fox Run are encouraging people to participate on Sept. 20, however and wherever they can.
This year’s marks the 40th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope, during which Terry Fox ran close to a marathon a day for 143 days.
“Forty years ago today, my brother Terry had to stop his Marathon of Hope when his cancer returned. He promised us all that if there was any way he could finish, he would. It was not to be,” said Terry’s brother Fred Fox in a message to event organizers. “I have been asked if Terry was angry that cancer took away his Marathon and, ultimately, his life. He wasn’t. Terry believed his cancer diagnosis gave him a sense of purpose, made him a more caring person. I believe that if we could ask Terry today if he would choose his life over how he inspired $800 million for cancer research, he would still take the path that saw his sacrifice make a difference. Cancer didn’t take anything from Terry.”
That research has increased the five-year cancer survival rate from 25 per cent in the 1940s to 63 per cent now.
This year, people are urged to collect donations and participate in whatever way they want. The local run has always welcomed runners, walkers, roller bladers, and equestrians to do a five- or 10-kilometre route.
The Creemore event is small and organizers are trying to build it up. Nevertheless, the local event raised $3,670 last year.
“For a small community, we’ve still been able to raise some funds for research,” said organizer Keddy Williams. “The more you learn about cancer and how far the research has taken us in terms of people’s survival, it’s totally worthwhile. It’s about being Canadian because I think for many of us, Terry has a soft spot in our hearts.”
Register online at terryfox.ca/terryfoxrun/creemore. 
Learn more at www.facebook.com/terryfoxruncreemore.

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