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The Creemore Echo is halfway through our annual subscription drive.

In addition to our annual subscription for the low price of about $54 per year, which includes an early bird electronic version by e-mail every Thursday evening, we are also looking for boosters and champions. A booster, with a contribution of $75 per year, is a keen promoter of community and the newspaper, someone who wants to give a little extra boost of encouragement. A champion, with a contribution of $100 or more, is someone who champions our mission to share the community’s stories, celebrate its accomplishments and promote local business.

We will be at the Creemore Farmers’ Market again on June 2, accepting subscriptions so come by and say hello (even if you forgot your wallet). On that note, we have a fancy new gadget so we are able to accept debit and credit cards right there at our booth. 

As the campaign progresses, boosters and champions will see their names in the newspaper as a big thanks for the support. Here they are for this week:


Jess & Andy Barrie

Byron Beeler & Anna Hobbs

Joan & David Black

Brian and Charlotte Carter

Heather & Peter Cumming

Tony & Catherine Fry

Dale & Michael Gee

Chris Key

John & Amy Macfarlane

Walt & Kate MacNee

Garnet Madill

Jim and Helen McCartney

Bob and Marlene McLean

Ron and Una Millman

Norah, Doug & Fred Mills

Annette & Jim Moltner

John & Barbara Roland

Rick Schubert and Bonnie MacPherson

Harry & Lillian Seymour

John Shore and Deirdre Pringle

Judy Simmonds

Deb & Don Smith

Steve Sopinka and Gillian Harris-Sopinka

Bill and Lorraine Strain

Hilton and Barbara Tudhope

Rob Verhagen

Don and Sandra Webster

Margaret Wente & Ian McLeod

DJ and Diane Wiley

Diana and Bentley Wiszniewska


John and Judith Alexander

Joan and Bob Stark

Juliette Reynolds

Nick and Sally Forrest

Gary and Lois Cauthers

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