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We want to give a big thank you to everyone who has supported The Echo during this year’s subscription drive. We have received many words of encouragement and expressions of gratitude for keeping this little newspaper going and that means a lot to us. 

We do hope that in addition to becoming a subscriber, booster or champion that people will continue to engage by letting us know what is happening in the community (especially the news that people will let us put in the paper). 

It has been really fun to meet readers at the Creemore Farmers’ Market these past weeks, hear feedback and chat about the importance of community newspapers in these uncertain times. But it is the support of the community that keeps the paper going and we are all better for having a source of local news and information. 

Here’s a shout-out to this week’s boosters and champions:


Lawrence Bell & Jacqueline Raison

Helen Blackburn

Gerry Blackburn

Rod Bradfield

Marg & Paul Bridgman

Rebecca & Glenn Brown

Ron & Kristina Charles

Rob & Cheryl Douglas

Mary Fisher

Sue & Stan Freeman

Jane Savage Jamie Herrington

Annick Freed & John West

Christine & Ron March

Frances & Donald McFarlane

John & Rosemary McIntosh

Mary Lou & Ted Morgan

Heather & Dennis O’Connor

Laurence and Ellie Pattillo

Jane Pepino

Frances & Tim Price

Marg & Ernie Purkis

Liz & Doug Quanbury

Carol & Jeremy Ray

Nan Shepherd

Tim Stinson

Cathy Sumner

Doug Goodall & Susan Tremblay

Creemore Vet Clinic


Helen Feldmann

Rob Franklin

Eileen Martin

Julie Pollock

Steve and Irene Thomas

Doug Todgham

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