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Author and illustrator darci-que had it in mind to write a book about chickens, but the story took a twist that even she hadn’t seen coming. 

The author of 11 Adventures of Mollie Doodle books, and others, was working on illustrations for a story about a chicken that rallies her peeps after the death of the brood’s rooster. It started out as a little chicken that could type of tale but morphed into something else.

Darci-que said she learned a lot about chickens while babysitting some neighbourhood chickens. 

“People think they’re stupid but they’re not,” she said. 

One day, a chicken farmer happened into her Creemore studio and noticed the drawings of chickens. They were talking about all things chicken when he informed darci-que that there is a phenomenon whereby a hen can experience sex reversal and display the characteristics of a rooster. 

Without missing a beat, said darci-que, the farmer’s daughter made a suggestion about the storyline. 

“That’s easy,” she said, “turn it into a transgender chicken.”

And so it came to be. 

The Little Chicken that Doodle Dooe’d! tells the story of a hen named Fawn who transitions into a rooster named Ron.

“Fawn’s thoughts and feelings were jumbled. What is happening to me? Why do I feel so weird?” she mumbled. 

With the support of the farmer’s daughter, Ron understands he was a rooster the whole time.

The other hens struggle with the transformation but accept Ron and his new role in the coop. 

“It’s a gentle story about being happy with who you are, to love and accept yourself,” said darci-que.

She said the world is changing and the book’s subject reflects that. It has met with some negativity, which surprises her, but many people love it.

The Little Chicken that Doodle Dooe’d! is available at darci-que’s store (Hillview Cellar Winery at 151 Mill St.) for $15.

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