The verb acclaim means to offer enthusiastic praise or applause

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In response to the word acclaimed used in a letter to the editor (Jan. 17 edition, By-election should be held to replace deceased council member, Dave Witzke).
The word acclaim comes from the Latin word acclamare, which means to cryout. So it actually makes sense that the verb acclaim means to offer enthusiastic praise or applause.
The most frequent type of acclamation is a voice vote in which the voting group is asked who favours, who opposes the proposed candidate. In the event of a lack of opposition the candidate is considered elected. In parliamentary procedure acclamation is a form of unanimous consent.
Vocabulary Dictionary:
Acclamation – Webster and Oxford dictionary
Definition – loud applause or approval
– an approving vote by voice

Source: The Daily Stoic. The real source of harm.
Keep in mind that it isn’t the one who has it in for you and takes a swipe that harms you, but rather the harm comes from your own belief about the abuse. So when someone arouses your anger, know that it’s really your own opinion fueling it. Instead make it your first response not to be carried away by such impressions, for with time and distance self mastery is more easily achieved – by Epictetus. Enchiridion, 2.0.

Further – Criticism from your worst enemy is received differently than negative words from a spouse.
If someone sends you an angry e-mail but you never see it, did it actually happen? In other words, these situations require our participation, context, and categorization in order to be “bad.”
Our reaction is what actually decides whether harm has occurred. If we feel that we have been wronged and get angry of course that’s how it will seem. If we raise our voice because we feel we’re being confronted, naturally a confrontation will ensue.
But if we retain control of ourselves we decide whether to label something good or bad. So, why not choose how to not apply these labels? Why not choose not to react?
Just sayin’
Mike R. Leishman,
Sunnidale Corners.

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