Tree Society completes spring planting

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Months of planning have resulted in 21 new trees being planted in and around the Village There are many individuals and groups that have helped to make this happen. Thanks go out to Liz Smith of the Tree Society and Gerry LeMay with the Township of Clearview for ensuring that appropriate trees were selected, that each location met with township regulations and that no wires would be cut by accident. Thank you also to Triple J Tree Farm for digging the trees and planting them at all of the locations selected.

We also thank all of the homeowners who requested a tree on their property as well as the various businesses and other locations that agreed to add trees to their space. You can spot the new trees on Mill Street by St. John’s United Church, the arena, the medical center, the fire station and in front of people’s homes.

Without the people who are annual members of the Tree Society, people who have donated money for trees, and people who have taken part in our fundraising activities, these trees could not have been put in place. This is truly the little village with the big heart. 

On Mill Street, the tree guards have all been assessed and those requiring repair, repainting, or replacement have been repaired, repainted or replaced. Thank you to Thom Paterson, our Clearview Township councillor who arranged this action, and to Kevin Elwood of Clearview Nurseries for removing, repairing and painting the tree guards. For those questioning whether these guards are really required, you might like to know that in the short time while the guards were missing, eight trees were damaged on Mill Street. So they are truly valuable. Thank you to all of you!

A reminder to all tree owners as the summer season heats up to water your trees regularly and to keep your trees in good repair, removing dead limbs, and watching for signs of disease or aging issues. Trees are the best lungs in our world.

Stay tuned for the fall planting. If you are interested in having a tree on your property or in becoming involved with the Tree Society, please contact us at [email protected] 

We leave you with the following words to ponder from Jennifer Granholm, Former Governor of the State of Michigan: Sometimes leadership is planting trees under whose shade you’ll never sit. It may not happen fully till after “we’re” gone. But “we” know that the steps we’re taking are the right steps.

That sums up how the Tree Society of Creemore feels about its volunteer work. Have a great summer!

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